Monday, June 20, 2016

Trends in Publishing

Everywhere I travel, and every time I speak, someone asks me about trends in publishing. What’s hot, and what’s not? What’s up, and what’s down? Frankly, I don’t follow such things very closely. And even if I knew the answers, I probably wouldn’t tell you. Not because I rejoice in thinking I know something you don’t know! (OK, maybe just a little), but because I wouldn’t want you to misuse the information.

Let’s say that you have a gift for writing adult thrillers, but YA fantasy is all the rage this quarter. Should you now start writing YA fantasy? This commentator votes no. Chances are that once you identify a trend, it has probably passed you by. Dozens or hundreds of titles are now in the pipeline, and the publishers are in no hurry to sign more. I say, write what you feel led to write, but be realistic about your prospects. Adult thrillers will come around again.